2016-02-04 Naomi & Melissa (Glamour)-0004Naomi Fox is a mother to three amazing boys, an author, speaker, mentor and seed planter. She is also a domestic violence survivor and has become an expert on the subject of stress and the management of it.

Naomi is a social entrepreneur and a professional seed planter. She has a knack for teaching through her words and actions and gently encouraging others to consider thinking about things another way.
She can also regularly be found connecting people together and bringing groups with common ground to fruition. Naomi has been working in the professional field of social media since 2009 and has been described as a “social scientist.” She is currently running her own business, Branding Intuitive as well as writing books.

The current list includes:

  • The Healer’s Call
  • Stress is a Lie (Soon to be released)
  • Unshattered: 29 Action Steps I Took for Healing from Domestic Violence¬†(Soon to be released)

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