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An Open Letter to My Sister Who is Being Hurt

Dear Sister of Mine, First of all, I see you. And I ache for you. With You. You are being mistreated. And you may be silent about it.  Maybe you haven’t even told one soul about this yet. You may have not even told yourself. I get it. It’s easy to rationalize away when he
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Comparison vs. Contrast [VIDEO]

Comparison is the thief of joy. ~Theodore Roosevelt I believe this. I’ve experienced it. When I really want to get into pain I can just take a few minutes and compare my life to someone else, anyone else, that I perceive is better, smarter, prettier, kinder and more-put-together-er than me. Works every time! Pretty soon
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Divorce is Not a Solution

Divorce is something no one sets out to do. I don’t believe people get married thinking “oh it’s ok this’ll be fun for a few years and then I’ll just pull the plug and bounce out of this marriage thing and go back to being single.”  I do think when first tying the knot some
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Like a Fox

I did something huge this week. I changed my name. Not legally, but changed it nonetheless. I felt the need for a pen name and also wanted to establish some sort of continuity as I move forward with writing and speaking. Should I get married again, a pen name will give platform for that, while
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Why Does She Stay?

A year ago this week I lost a friend. Her name is Michele Davis. Her story is heart-wrenching and sadly not all that uncommon, give or take a few details. I want to tell her story from my perspective, because her story weaves into my own. I had just started settling into my new home. MY
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More Than a Survivor

It would seem I have acquired the right to bear the title “Domestic Violence Survivor” — but what does that even mean? This term still causes discomfort in me. For multiple reasons. For one, I don’t like to identify myself as a “survivor” because that is not my identity. I am Naomi. I shine. I
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Pruned to Bloom

I came across one of my favorite parables today by P.B. Wilson,  and edited by Nancy DeMoss. I wasn’t able to get to this particular story as I ran out of time today and thought to share it here. It is a powerful demonstration of how we can learn and grow from the Master’s careful
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Men That Work: How to Date Smarter

When you’ve been married and divorced twice dating is a whole other world than it ever was before. Much of the magic and fun is strained and fear quickly becomes an underlying factor. I know for me, as I was first emerging from the ashes of my second marriage my trust in myself to pick and
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One Year Out of Domestic Violence [VIDEO]

ONE YEAR. I’ve been free for one year. One beautiful, glorious, intense, heartbreaking, self-discovering, emotional, vulnerable and fabulous year. One year ago I left a physically, emotionally and mentally abusive situation and arrived in St George. Funny thing is I didn’t know I was leaving it, but God has taken such great care of His
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Dear Married Women Calling Themselves “Single Moms”

Ah, social media. The magical wonderland where we get to share our thoughts, joys and pet peeves no matter how random they may be. Today, I do want to share one of mine, and possibly even get on my soap box a bit again. We’ve all seen it — those random posts from married women
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