Stress JOY Management

Naomi Fox has developed a REVOLUTIONARY new way to deal with this very common and very overwhelming emotion we call stress.  And since STRESS IS A LIE we are no longer going to give it the attention of managing it. Instead we can manage all of our JOY!  Come join Naomi and walk through a step-by-step and practical guide for how to stop feeling so stressed and start really enjoying life.

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Stress JOY Management — Even After Divorce

There is a special set of needs that comes into play when you’re in the process of or after a divorce. Many of us feel like we have a uniquely painful experience tailored just to us. And in many ways this is so true. Naomi Thomas can show you how to take this pain and difficulty and decipher the messages to unlock the secrets in propelling yourself forward.

With her REVOLUTIONARY new way of dealing with stress, since we know that STRESS IS A LIE, she can help you to manage and process your difficult experiences, too. She specializes in recovery from abusive marriages, even those involving domestic violence. This will be a safe and supportive group for those who are needing it the most.

A glimpse of the kind of tidbits that you will get:

Mentoring groups will meet weekly as well as having daily assignments throughout the course. We will cover a variety of topics such as:

  • How to actually pick your thoughts like you pick your clothes out each day

  • What to do with all of your FEELINGS

  • How to create positive triggers

  • What is that one big DOMINO that will help make everything else in your life EASY

  • What to do when you find yourself in a great deal of emotional pain

  • FEMS (You’ll learn all about what these are and how they’ll change your life)

  • The POWER of self-compassion

  • How to read the mirrors in our life

  • And so much more!

Other Pleasant Side Effects May Result Such As:

  • Weight release

  • Finding the love of your life

  • Improving the Love that you already have

  • Immense self love


What are others saying?

kamiwoodwardquotesleft“You are my favorite divorce mentor. You have been invaluable as my divorce mentor and I love you for it. Thank you for being a person I can be raw & real around and still feel safe. I am so grateful for what you’ve taught me and that you’ve been here to support me during all this. I have other friends getting divorced and they ask me, ‘How do I survive this?’ and I say, ‘When a caterpillar goes into the chrysalis to become a butterfly, it completely liquefies…'” ~Kami Woodward, Provo, UT


“Stress is a Lie and Naomi’s powerhouse presentation is truly transformational. Hearing the information will forever change the way that you view stress in your life.  I have applied several of the techniques that Naomi shares in my life on a quotesrightdaily basis since working with her, and have seen huge shifts applying this information already.  If you are ready to shift your paradigm on stress and move forward in peace then Naomi and Stress is a lie is a great place to start.” ~Rachel Norman, Idaho Falls, ID


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