One Year Out of Domestic Violence [VIDEO]


I’ve been free for one year.

One beautiful, glorious, intense, heartbreaking, self-discovering, emotional, vulnerable and fabulous year. One year ago I left a physically, emotionally and mentally abusive situation and arrived in St George. Funny thing is I didn’t know I was leaving it, but God has taken such great care of His daughter, preparing me in ways I could not have even imaged to get me out and safe.

I have so much more love and compassion for myself than ever before. It’s been such a process, and hasn’t come all at once, but it has come. One blessing, one friend and one miracle at a time. I don’t even know how to begin to acknowledge all of the supportive hearts that have nurtured me along as I have become more of myself. But I am going to outright thank and simmer in gratitude for my best friend, as well as my generous landlord because without them I truly do shudder to think where I would be today and in the future. Such sweet miracles.

I am so, so ready for the next 12 months to be equally as powerful and amazing, just with far more laughter than tears.

Have you been in a domestic violence situation? How long have you been out? Do you know someone who is, or suspect someone you know is in it now? Carefully and prayerfully share this post with her, even if it’s just on your phone/laptop/whatever so you’re not sending her a message (often these men monitor all communications coming and going).

Above all, be SAFE. And know that you are truly Meant for Joy.


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Join the Meant for Joy Community and get a FREE Copy of
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